Barn Party USA, with  MOM’S MUSIC founder, Marvin Maxwell, DOO WOP SHOP owner, Victor Himbaugh, Wayne Young of The Louisville

Legends and MERF, SOUND N MUSIC owner, Gerry Conte, PMC owner Bill Sutherland, at  Phoenix Hill Tavern, Coyote’s Toy Tiger Reunion,

Guntown Mountain at Cave City, Kentucky State Fair, Kentucky Kingdom, 4th Street Live Rock School, and Wicks Pizza. Also featuring,

Fire Dept., Buster Brown, Max Maxwell and Mark Maxwell in Spanky Lee, WICK'S PIZZA , Old Depot, Mike Owens, Allen Phelps, Alan Needham, Ronnie Watchmaker, Tim Adonis, of XS, D B Bryant (North Carolina), Lindsey Ray ( Maine ), Jonalee White (Ohio), and

many more.




 Barn Party U.S.A., was created in 2006 by David Yates to promote music videos by The Reed Brothers Band, as well as his original music. The show was originally scheduled to air for "6-weeks" in Louisville, Ky. Within 6 months, the show was airing "NATIONALLY", spreading to 7 states from New York to Hawaii, featuring, local musicians, music shop, & club owners. Barn Party U.S.A., is now "WORLDWIDE",  being Webcast from:, Facebook, Myspace & Youtube.






      Mike Reed / Host             David Yates Creator/Producer/Host    Tim Martin /Host/Field Producer


          Dave Reed / Co-Host                 Interviews by Chrystal                  Greg Greene / Cameras


Tune in Every Saturday Night at 10 pm !ON LOUISVILLE'S INSIGHT CHANNEL 98 !

BARN PARTY USA aired Nationally in 7 STATES ! "From 2006 till 2009"  NEW YORK to HAWAII!


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 Mike Reed visits with Moe Bear and  "Muddy Feet"

 taped at Spectators Sports bar in Louisville Ky !  


















Doo Wop Shop owner, Victor Himbaugh, gives David Yates a tour of the store & it's history. Like the time Neil Young stopped by!.


  Pat Bareis hosts the "ROCK SCHOOL" episode, with his guest Max Maxwell. Also an interview with Mark  Maxwell, at FOURTH STREET LIVE!


















Gerry Conte, owner of "SOUND N MUSIC" tells us the history of the well known music shop. Jocko, takes David Yates on a "behind the scenes" look at the store.


  FIRE DEPT., one of Louisvlle's favorite 80's Rock bands,   talks to Tim Martin & shares some of the Highlights from their 25th Re-union Concert at Phoenix Hill Tavern




















 HILTON HEAD ISLAND (SOUTH CAROLINA          GUNTOWN MOUNTAIN                      JONALEE WHITE   ( OHIO                        


 KENTUCKY STATE FAIR                                COYOTE'S MUSIC & DANCE HALL                CHRYSTAL AT 4TH STREET LIVE             

                                                                                                 "LIVE" , AT THE TOY TIGER REUNION 2007


            FIRE DEPT.                                  SPANKY LEE                       X S                  THE BOYZ  


      WAYNE YOUNG                     !! TOY TIGER RE-UNION !!   DARK SIDE OF THE WALL


  MARVIN AT MOM'S MUSIC                                LINDSEY RAY  ( MAINE )                                      "BIKE NIGHT  AT  THE SWAMP "  




           "LIVE" AT:   THE DOO WOP SHOP                                                                            BETH MARSHALL     ( FLORIDA )





         LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY:  INSIGHT CHANNEL 98  Saturdays at 10:00 p.m.    STILL SHOWING !!   

         ATLANTA GEORGIA:         CABLE CHANNEL      24                   


         DALLAS TEXAS:                 DCTV CHANNEL         95

        FRANKFORT, KY:                CABLE CHANNEL       10  


         DAYTON, OHIO:                   DATV CHANNEL        20

         CAMPBELL CO. KY.:          CABLE CHANNEL       10          

         HAWAII:                        HO'IKE KAUA'I CHANNEL  52                                 STILL SHOWING !!             

           NEW YORK :                            WCKN    CHANNEL      30            






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