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Days".Thisalbumshowcasesthestrongvocalsand Harmonies,

thatfans have come to expect from The ReedBrothersBand.

Withmusicthat rangesfromSouthernRock,toBluegrass,It's

TheReedBrothersattheirverybest. ORDERYOURSTODAY!!!!!!


only $8.00 !!

THEFIRSTALBUM!.Itwas Recorded at Falk Studios in 1990,whileTheReedBrothers Band

was still forming in it's earlly stages at "THE BARN". This album contains (3) AWARD WINNING SONGS,

"Montgomery Way" , "Younger Days" & "Love's on the Rocks". You'll also hear early Reed Brothers

recordings, as well as guest appearances by members of "THE BROKEN ARROW BAND" &"JUSTUS"

So , if you enjoy The Reed Brothers Band now, don'tmissthisrareglimpseintotheir"YOUNGER DAYS"!




To Order, send the price listed next to the product you want, plus $5.00 (shipping, handleing & 6% sales tax, Your name & address, & which product and the quantity you want, to: David Yates (Barn Party Productions) P. O. box 902 Mt. Washington, Ky 40047