Thanks to all of you who take the time to leave us you're comments. They are greatly appreciated. 

Keep 'em comin!,on our facebook, myspace, & youtube pages or barnparty@reedbrothersband.com

"from all of us, in The Reed Brothers Band, & Barn Party USA TV SHOW !



"reed brothers band dixie highway" (From YEAR ONE.COM Blog)

if you guys like your rock southern style check out the vid from a local band called the reedbrothers the video is called dixie highway.They had another vid up called guns already drawn..i caught them on chan 98 surfing last night,,,i found it reedbrothers dixie highway video. you should find it may take a few mins


'81 Camaro , slightly-modified from stock .

I checked 'em out when you first posted this..I could definitely get-into a night of their type of entertainment

reed brothers are going to be the featured band this New Year's at one of New HavenKy's bars,, if you REALLY like your southern rock red~neck style !! :smokin: :lush:

82 Corvette


YEH I ALSO NOTICE THEY ARE GOING TO BE AT WICKS pizza or is that wics ??? on dixie


Dale Scharre

Hey guys, long time! I been seeing a lot of great things your doing or involved in,, been in Nashville 9 yrs. My daughter is a fantastic vocalist/songwriter/entertainer_ just wondering if you may have interest in checking her out_ jesse dale, let me know( im heading her managment team ) again great work I see, you guys keep keepin on, best of luck.. Dale Scharre


7-18-10 / Whats up! Big fans here....

Hey, Been watching you all for the run on Insight cable in Covington (we actually live in Florence)...hoping you are gonna be back on the air again....it became tradition to flip you all on on Saturday nights!!hope all is well with the band...we would love to come and see you....i see you have a gig on 7/31 in new haven....has any other dates been lined up yet? again, love the band--you guys are awesome!! COME BACK TO INSIGHT IN NORTHERN KY!!!! guns already drawn--one of the best songs ever!!

 adam and nadia osterbrock



  Haven't heard from you guys in a long time. Do you still have shows you can send us? If you do send them along!

Mahalo, "Thanks"

Michelle Rozon  Ho'ike : Kauai Community Television 4211 Rice Street Suite 103 Lihue , HAWAII. 96766


Robert Wieber

It's good to see that your back playin again, Dave R. By the way this is Robert Wieber that you worked with at "Winston".


Jerry Bertschy

I give these guys a lot of credit for the "EFFORTS" they make
Not only for Muddy Feet, but all the other Louisville bands that their getting "out there". Our ex-drummer Tim Hooper
set up the interveiw New Years weekend with them. I'm
looking forward to the party in May.



I Think This is Awesome! & A Wonderful Job! & I agree Louisville Has some Wonderful & Talented Bands & People!!!! And I Miss Not Seeing 65 South!!!!! But That was a Great Job an I will share it with My Family & Friends!!!



That was awesome...


 Jimmy Roberts ~NASHVILLE~ Songwriter / Pedal Steel Guitarist :)

Great Web Site! Let's be friends? Know anyone who needs a Pedal Steel Man?



RICH REYNOLDS Nice video, alot of cool places and great people in it, BRAVO!




Mickey Taylor

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John Mitchell

John Mitchell Wow...what a great thing for Louisville musicians in general...Super nice to see you guys giving props to those who have supported Louisville musicians for years as well....Namely Gerry Conte and Marvin Maxwell. It would be great if you guys could create a Youtube account and post some shows or segments of shows for those of us who do not have access to the local station/cable company you are using!  ....          "THANKS JOHN, It's in the works!! We are going to start WEBCASTING, "BARN PARTY USA", on (our) FACEBOOK & MYSPACE pages real soon!" Keep watchin for it on our pages!     THE REED BROTHERS BAND!!.


JIM DANT "Looks like a great show, wish I could pick it up here in Nashville!"


Terry Weber   "Party'd with you guys in New Haven last night....awesome awesome music.....best band thats ever been in this little town!" 


   JUSTIN PETTYJOHN  “Hey guys, I love the show!!” 


    STEVE WALLACE  Just saw latest show on 98. Loved it, keep it up.


 OUT OF THE WOODWORK  Thanks for including us on your show!!! 


 WAYNE WINTERS  Watched your show last Sun. and really liked it. Good tunes.”


 JONALEE WHITE   “Loved the show! :) Thanks for everything! Keep on truckin'!!!! Country Rocks!!!”


  LINDSEY RAY    "Thanks so much! Can't wait to get the discs of the show! Thanks for including me.     ~Lindsey!!!”


STONE ALLEY  Your music is great! You guys have put me in a Southern Rock kind of mood. Great to hear this kind of music done proper here at home. KEEP IT UP! Being on the show was a blast! Can't wait to see the dixie highway video!!! Check out stone alley site often -wil update it often. Thanks again                     Al,Ed Gary


DAVID ERNSPIKER  9/1/2008 Please contact me about the footage you shot of THE BIG ROCK SHOW at the Ky State Fair. Thanks, Dave Ernspiker

 9/22/2008 7:48 PM Thats groovy.Ill be at Two Lane at 8pm Thursday. Thanks for the great video footage.



31 SOUTH   Hey Guys,
Wow! Your song guns already drawn is about as Southern Rock as it gets. We need more of that. Well you guys rock, stay in touch Southern Brothers!            31 South



I was flipping thru the chanels the other day and saw your video for fresh horses, cool song! I hope to see you live someday.     


SHANNON   WOW! All I can say is.. you took me back to the 80's when I saw the pictures of Buster Brown, Midnight Special, Fire Department and all the others!!  Thanks for the walk down memory lane! I look forward to seeing you guys play!


JERRY LISTER   I don't know any of The Reed Brothers??? Been playing 40 years and never crossed paths. But they nailed it. Good job with your song guy's. “Dixie Hwy”


IM58SV  Excellent music video, guys. Just very well done and a real pleasure to hear some good ol' southern rock music again   “GUNS ALREADY DRAWN”

NEALBURT:  hey guys..im one of the actors at Guntown ... great shots guys  awesome video.... ROCK ON!


damn good video....you guys sound